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Play School chains in Hyderabad

Play Schools in Hyderabad are well known for their professional efficiency.All the leading Play Schools like, Bachpan, Euro Kids, Kidzee, Smart Kidz, TIME Kids and many more.. are branched in Hyderabad.


International Schools in Hyderabad

International Schools in Hyderabad are having world class infrastructure with best trained faculty. Hyderabad is having quite good in number of International Schools to choose from……


What is a Nursery Rhyme
A nursery rhyme is a traditional poem, rhythm or song that is taught to kids mostly when they begin to attend nursery and also by parents at home. Learning these verses and rhymes helps in the development and overall understanding of vocabulary as the child grows from being a toddler to a little boy or girl. There are many rhymes that deal with counting, alphabets, animals, and fruits, assisting the in all round development of children. Rhymes have rhythm and that encourages children to have fun with music. Moreover, these have particular actions, dances or motions which children will gradually associate with a particular song/rhyme.

Nursery Rhymes are Colourfull and great way to introduce your child.
Pre-school or Play School songs and nursery rhymes have fanciful and captivating stories, vivid language and the characters are hugely colourful, these songs and rhymes have caught the imagination of children and fascinated them for centuries additionally children have been introduced to a world that though does not exist in reality but certainly helps them expand their imaginations beyond realms of this globe. These rhymes and songs tell us about dishes that run, about people who live in shoes, an egged shaped Humptey Dumptey who sits on the wall – what better way to introduce children to the fascinating world of literature, storytelling, make-believe and play-acting.

Develop Vocabulary and other Concepts
Typically, a nursery rhyme consists of easy to understand vocabulary plus a catchy rhyme. This allows children too easily learn to sing the nursery rhyme, and because of this particular aspect nursery rhymes are more often than not used as a means to assist young children build their vocabulary.

Parents are encouraged to take up reading with and to their kids as this will get them excited of doing things that you read and tell them about thus assisting in enhancing their language skills.

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